Steph Holmbo

Actor. Dancer. Singer. Poet. Creator.

The girl.

photo by Daniel Evan Garza

photo by Daniel Evan Garza

Grew up in the Chesapeake Bay. Traded it out for the Rocky Mountains. Decided she was moving to New York City when she was 8 years old and fulfilled that promise when she was 17. Spent most of her time there studying at NYU, drinking black coffee, and running alongside Riverside Park. Steph lived in almost every neighborhood in Manhattan before being seduced by Bushwick, Brooklyn. In her time there she found a way to work 4 jobs at once, while auditioning, rehearsing, choreographing, and writing her own material. After 6 wondrous years in New York, Steph spent time in Minneapolis with the Mississippi River and is now currently addressing her mail from a home in Denver.  Often times you will see her eating a green apple in a pair of cowboy boots. She has never been great at getting a good night's rest.  She has always been one to see the magic in the most ordinary of circumstances. Michael Jackson is in every playlist she has created and has a choreographed number to all of his greatest hits.

She is a wild thing. You can be a wild thing too.

background photo by Joseph Kolean